Building Record Survey (As-Built)

Whether your  project is large or small, Calhome Studio will handle all your Building survey service needs, from a single house plan of a 1,000  square feet  up to  thousands of square feet , we can meet your requirements. We have experience of providing  professional Building Survey   services  ,  including, Floor plans, Sections, and Elevatons plans, for any type of  structure , from private homes and domestic premises, apartment blocks, and we have carried out  over 500  measured survey jobs  and  provided hundred of clients with accurate survey drawings
Measuring a floor plan is no science,but producing an accurate complete set of measured drawings for professional use requires proficient individual knowledge, skill and experience. Calhome Studio produce Measured Drawings of existing conditions of a site or structure. These drawings are also commonly referred to as: “As-built drawings, , existing building record condition drawings, etc.”
We travel to, and then methodically traverse a job site, gathering the required information to produce the Measured drawings requested by the client. We use the latest technology to produce clear and accurate Measured Drawings and Records of the built environment with concise details determined by discipline specific drawing standards, on time and on budget.
Building Survey services , are considered an essential part of any building  in the building industry. Such drawings are crucial when it comes to any alterations or refurbishments to be planned for a building.
We will provide you with the followed file formats:

Auto-CAD, and PDF, files

Building survey (as-built) service for contractors, architects, engineers, designers, etc. Construction, Engineering & Design industries require professional Building survey services and flexible turnaround times. Our ability to deliver on time, has been the key to our success over the years. Choosing our Services you get attention, care, and help only small businesses can offer.

Your Designs Come Alive
I hope that the work speaks for itself and you will consider Calhome Studio on your next project. 3D modeling and visual experiences that guaranty the best presentation.

3D Visual Presentation
3D Visual Presentation will in the best light out or our work in customer and planning department eye. Presenting our idea & design just over planning department in 3D realistic visual presentation will speed permit process what can be sometimes really painful in many Cities
Simple steps to get Designs Plans to New, Remodel or Addition to your home

Choosing our Services you get attention, care, and help only small businesses can offer. Contractors, builders and developers: you can count on us